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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 3, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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start exploring at jeans. >> i think it's him. put your
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hands in the air. >> san francisco police officer as in as nationwide man hunt ends screws 3 miles from where it began. >> new video of moment ryan chamberlain tag taken into custody tonight at chris field. >> good evening. >> he was arrested 6:00 o'clock tonight after san francisco police spotted his car in a parking lot in the marina. >> we have live coverage tonight on the capture. we again with lillian who is live in the city at chris field. lillian? >> sf pd made the arrest here at the parking lot officer involved in the arrest told me chamberlain was reclining in the driver seat unarmed when they approached him. man just charging his car at chris field captures dramatic arrest on the cell phone. sf pd doesn't normally patrol federal property but they got a tip his car was here. didn't take long for officers to arrive and move in. morgan was right there.
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>> they were yelling at him to get one of the arms around hyped his back. complaining he couldn't. that it was like hurt or stiff or something. it apparently they finally got it around and got him killed. long time political operative and media consultant on the run since saturday when fbi agents say they found explosives in his san francisco apartment. authorities issued a nationwide be on the look out why he was surprised the man he wasg was sl videotaping was still in town. >> he was yelling help when he saw had he filming him and booked basically at me filming him and yelled help. >> authorities knew he was still around. tracked him to the mad dog and fog bar in the haight where they used the atm in. plain clothes officers had to comb the neighborhood asking anyone if they saw him. >> pictures in the hand and does 88 on him. i haven't seen him today but before in the past. he's definitely a regular around the neighborhoo neighborhood. >> after chamberlain taken into custody the sf pd bomb squad called in to search the car.
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robot did the initial check followed by an officer and dog. didn't appear they found any explosives but tourist were intrigued. >> pretty shocking. to see something like this happening. >> see this in ire land. >> no never. >> sf pd and fbi holding joint news conference tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. live in san francisco, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> thank you. chamberlain reached out on social media this morning posted long letter on facebook that many interpreted as the suicide note. 7 news reporter tiffany wilson that part of our coverage from the san francisco jail. >> deputy say that chamberlain will spend the night here tonight. fbi expected to pick him up in the morning. friends and family who fear the worst, this is a good out come. social media expert reverted to facebook 20th tore communicate his state of mind. he offered the 2 and a half page letter as part explanation and part apology. his former co-worker
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thought it was meant as goodby goodbye. >> i was pretty sure when i read this that he was already dead. >> in the letter he blames morbid on lean search for saturday fbi raid and says betrayal by mom girlfriend and best friend made him depressed. landlord who showed the current state of his apartment never saw him as a troubled tenant. >> mr. chamberlain never exhibited any peculiar behavior or did anything to raise our suspicion that he might be involved in some nefarious. >> on twitter he tried to defend himself saying he was not armed and no one ever in danger. despite the fbi saying they found explosives his apartment. his aunt sally left a message on facebook saying you are loved more than you realize. friends begged him to turn himself in. i hope everything is okay. >> tammy cease him as afternoon guy who got stuck in a dark place. that dark place has now
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led him to a jail cell. in san francisco, tiffany will so that abc 7 news. >>w. happening now. coastys iw says it will search throughout the night foreperson missing after sailboat sank at 4 this morning. we were off the coast line near the golden gate bridge. boater embarking on trip from alameda to hawaii. >> we are in for a drizzle morning. live look from the camera. what do you see out there definitely we have the over cast sky and can just fae the top of the transamerica building tells you washington is going on with the drizzle. let's bring in sandhya here with the live doppler 7 hd. sandhya. >> yes. we look at damp roadway tomorrow morning. you need the wipers. show you done deposit and see mat arena layer expanded. it has been about 3000 feet deep and right now 2 2800 feet. you can how gr how grey it is across the bay area. visibility in the half
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man bay fog moved in down to 2 and a half miles and quick glimpse at the morning commute. looking at the port of oakland from the emeryville camera and it is a murky one. when you compare the temperatures in the dew point side by side gives you an indication fairfield 55 degree temperature, 54 dew point when they get close together like that. it's getting saturated there. 55, 55, some drizzle head towards tomorrow morning. you get the drift tomorrow morning allow for extra time for the commute. i'll be back at look when you cap expect the june gloom to disappear. >> thanks very much. will tomorrow commute be as big a tonight mayor as it was today. that's when a lot of people washington at any time know after muni driver sec out left thousands of people in the lurch. allen is live at market and powell in san francisco tonight. it was pretty rough today. >> yes. it was hard to find any muni passenger in support of did's sick out we spoke to people late for work. tawringt
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who missed a day sight seeing and students who miss the time exam. as for tomorrow, muni says it's hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. >> there is no parking. no come so take a taxi. >> even commute from us stating as the morning commute. two-thirds of all operators for mup i bus streetcar train cable car service called in sick. he lost his cool on the 22 fill moyvrment i'll fire every single muni bus driver. transport human being. don't you think so? this. is humiliating. >> muni says it balance the delay so everyone waited between 15 minutes to an hour. but the delay for this bus was longer than that. >> if we found san francisco supervisor scott weiner cramp on to the train. >> the driver need to go back to work. no more sick out. illegal and not acceptable.
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>>reporter: but the transport worker union deny any involvement in the sec out. mean while san francisco muni says any work stoppage is prohibited under the contractl . >> if any case like this you have to provide a doctor note to 7 pay. >> tentative agreement gives the operators an 11 percent raise over two years. but they would have to contribute 7% in their pension. off camera some drivers told me that many of them are preparing to call in sick again on tuesday. in san francisco, allen wong abc 7 news. >> mup i offer would make san francisco bus taken operators theaid i highest paid in the country. just behind new york of chicago. but as alan mentioned that doesn't take that account such as other benefit such as benefit and pension payment. our coverage of the dispute continue on our web site as well as on twitter at 7 news bay area. >> traffic reporter will show
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us if there's any affect in the morning commute tomorrow on the morning news beginning at 4:30 am. >> coming up next on 7 news family controversial decision about one of the children trigger a nationwide conversation about a very sensitive topic. >> plus perfect proposal. how a young soldier muster the courage to pop the question. >> and is there such a thing as storm tell, why the name of hurricane put people at risk, saysism. >> here's jimmy kimmel. >> quick preview of what we are up to tonight. like to good over the topic you have had on the show since were you here last. my head butting punching can kicking bruising knife wielding 8-year-old. >> charming young
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>> debate raging across the country after 2 san diego parents share the jurp of the transgender child. little riley is anatomically female and express add desire to live as a boy for as long as he could talk. family you tube video strike ago chord. mary bruce has the story. >> 6-year-old riley always knew avenues boy but he wasn't born that way. >> of born a girl he began insisting he was a boy as soon as he could speak. in on line video parents jeff and hilary explain their family journey. 7 minute clip has gone viral with more than 3 million view and counting. after talking with professionals they realize this was more than just a tom
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boy phase. they made the controversial decision to change their child's identity. they cut his hair the. started referring to him only as he and embrace him as their son. >> huge benefits of doing it earlier in life. handed this gift that even around them at the see them for who they really are. >>reporter: he 35's. fight i'm transgender kidppier'm happier than i have been in my whole life. thank to you my parents. >>reporter: his story jump starting national conversation. i xhen these parents for doing what is writ for their child one reader posted oncom but another said i would never do this to my chil child. >> one thing that your child need from you is salute unconditional love. compassio compassion. not judgment. and so you want to talk to your child doctor. most young children just let them explore the world the way they want. >> the story is rare doctors
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urge parents question about the chilled identity not to go it alone. learn. learn is what br your child. this is los angeles. >> before we manufacture on instead of breaking news live in the east bay and san leandro area you may have felt a very small earthquake about 2.7 magnitude. preliminary magnitude open the quake. obviously very small. won't expect any damage of any kind or significance at all. a lot of people did feel it at that area we wanted to pass along what we know. >> student in canada making fashion statement in support of girls all over the world. during class inspection school officials found lindsay shorts did not meet the school required length. lindsay challenge the rule saying the school only targets girls. she you could out of class an posted these flyers around school reading don't humiliate her because she wears shorts. it's hot outside. instead of shaming girls for the bodies teach boy that is girls are not sexual objects. lindsey was suspended for a day. she says
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she wanted to give a voice to girls who can't stand up for themselves and their own body. >> some female pride longest reign on jeopardy overnight. >> michael is incorrect. the so it's going to cost you everything you had. go to brian. >> well don't feel too bad because 31-year-old julia collins of chicago won 4 28,000 dollars. yes. in 20 episodes. tonight in her 21st she lost in final jeopardy. second lon longest run for any discrepancy difficult contest apartment behind ken jennings who stuck around for 74 episodes. you can watch jeopardy now in the 30th season week nights at 7:00 o'clock. >> pretty cool. >> sentimental soldier enlisted entire platoon to help propose to girl frep. army specialist nicholas greenwood surprised her at fort pweng, georgia.
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fight well, you marry me? >> more proof that he's roman tech the word for the proposal based on his new fiance love life. >> sexism people in danger from hurricane. researchers at the university of illinois found storms with female names were almost three times more likely thoseone than those with male naichlts examine death toll in the last 6 decade. masculine had 16 death and feminine 42 and we are scching out of head but researchers were less likely to seek shelt ferry a storm sounds female. >> benefit always said i used to live this hurricane country many years ago. if you want people to get out of the way you don't hurricane the bob or gear frud. call them bone crusher that's what you do. >> the hurricane sandhya i wouldn't mess. >> i think dan has a good point
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there. if we were trying to weigh hurricane danvers hurricane kristen, washington do you think? forget it. look at marine larry from the emeryville camera. this afternoon it was around 3000 feet deep. temperature were 5 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. and morgan hill it was down 20 degrees. yes we felt the affects of it. check out live doppler 7hd. low clouds. pretty wide spread right now for and some fog reported near the coast as well. watch out in the morning. it's going to be a murky start. gust writ now out of the south west to 37 at fairfield. pretty good delta breeze will push that marine layer well inland by morning. from our sfo camera we see some low clouds. you know the drill here. tomorrow morning if you are playing in out low ceilings could create some delay so be aware of that. call your carrier. 53 in san francisco. 57 oakland. 58 in san jose. 52 m half moon basement here's our view from our kgo roof cam
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are looking at gray skies. low 50's right four santa rosa napa mid 50's concord and livermore. one last live picture from our exploring camera low clouds pretty much right across the bay brim there overhead. low included fog drizzle for the morning. a little warmer inland tomorrow afternoon and summer like by week end you see mid 90's showing up here but not immediately. we have a rope for. that series of low pressure system one going through another one coming. actually help to keep our temperatures down so not a lot of warmth just yet. high pressure taking a back seat. we continue to see a deep marine layer as we head into tomorrow morning. so over fight tonight. do look for the low clouds fog spotty drizzle for the morning commute. be aware of that fact. allow for extra time. you ever going to run into some slick roadway and make sure you bundle up. dress warmly for obvious reasons. upper 40's to mid 50's to start off the day and if you did take the ferry across the bay or
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walk to bart, it's going to start out pretty great. pulling away from the coast lane. 50's here for the afternoon it's going to be on the consolidate side. inland areas 80's with plenty of sunshine for your tuesday afternoon and slightly higher temperatures. 82 fairfield livermore 83 in antioch 72 in 43 moment. 76 for new san jose. 68 oakland 75 santa rosa. 76 nap a.san francisco 63. oakland 68. half moon bay skup degrees. santa cruz 68. many of these temperatures running below average for this time of year but we'll see recovery as we head towards the middle of the work week. low 60's up to every 50's on wednesday. warring continues. low 60's to low 90's thursday. you see the upward trend just in time for your weekend. it's the summer lake spread. mid 60's to mid 90's for up come weekend plan. tluv it. >> other parts of the country never understand that. >> you get the 30 or 40 degree spread in the summer. >> thanks.
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>> all right lets talk a little bit of baseball clem baseball. >> yes. thanks for work that go in. >> you were bee moneying the facts the a's and giants had the day off. but sanford -- we always find something. this is a good something. tied for fifth sfol what happened today in the ncaa regional. absolutely stunning in the absolutely stunning in the bottom the 9th. sports next
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heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave.
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good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you sfr. >> good evening giants a's both off. a's will visit the yankees. we have a great baseball finish courtesy of stanford. cardinal came back
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to beat indiana in regional action yesterday and they did it again and even more dramatic fashion tonight. pick it up in the 3rd inning. kyle could be a first round draft pick this year. he doesn't hit he mas mashes. 2 run home tore right off james. 3 nothing. hoosier in blooming ton then doppler gone wild sandhya nearly 3 hour rain delay. stop it. cardinal rally come back 3-2 in theh. dg 196 for the year. no homer that's the first. tied at 3. cardinal here. final at bat. tom edmond good night game over drive home safely. 2 run walk off homer for the freshman outfielder hanging on the wall in dismay. 5-4 cardinal. they advance to play vanderbilt on friday in the soup region nachlt i mention a's playing the yankees next 3 game series starts tomorrow but tonight seattle visiting the bronx.
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♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ >> of the version of benjamin button. at 37 he feels like he's getting younger all the time. whatever eating would eating would i like some. raiders continue the organized team activity in vernacular. with head coach talking about
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the current leader allen. he sees fellow veteran like tuck and smith around feels like the silver and black on the right track. >> they have won they have won in this league and they have won the big one so having guys throughout like that you have the leaders on the team that guys can follow. that's important for us. i feel really good about it. >> warriors forward andre named to the nba all defensive first team today. beat out james small forward. he led whole league in plus mean with us point differential on the court versus when off the court. the first war why are the make the first team defense since nate some 43 years ago. nba finals begin thursday night on 7. spurs heat tip off at 6:00 immediately following the game. join us for after the game around 8:30. the bob myers will be guest. i will grill
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him. >> put him open the hot seat. >> he knows. nfl has to get rid of the organized. >> o ta is so over. >> we'll
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>> look at the wake up weather. kid bundled up tomorrow morning when you take them off to school. low clouds fog patchy drizzle. cool start with temperatures in the 40's and 50's. mike will be here tracking the fog and drizzle. >> oh, yes he will be. thank you. >> that's our all right thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news continues now on line and on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with our of news app and next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning which i won't be here. >> jimmy kim up next. his road to recovery no doubt smoother thanks to those humble heros. >> anybody would have done the same thing if they were in the
1:39 am
same position. >> he said he didn't think, he just did it. that causeway, by the way, nearly 24 miles long. seattle lawmakers have voted to raise the city's minimum wage to $15 making it the highest in the country. the city council unanimously voted for the hike which would start to take effect next april. smaller businesses will have three to seven years to phase in the increase and lower training wage for teenagers. a trade group is vowing to sue to overturn the measure. some wall street analysts are calling apple's newest tools underwhelming. ceo tim cook introduced them yesterday at a conference in san francisco. chief among the tools are health kit and home kit. health kit will work with a new app to store the user's medical history and home kit makes apple devices with remote controls. for houses with digital appliances. the software won't be released until the fall. if that is apple's future, here's a piece of the past. a foam model of a never-released macintosh prototype that will be
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auctioned off tomorrow. it is expected to fetch 1200 to $1800 for something foam that was never released. how about that? >> incredible. designers of a solar powered plane are one step closer to what they hope will be an around the world flight. >> they flew the solar impulse ii over switzerland two hours yesterday. it will be first of several test flights in the coming months. >> the plane soaks up and stores energy thanks to 17,000 solar cells that cover the massive wings. if things go well they hope it will fly around the world sometime next year. >> how cool is that. don't want it to be too cloudy. i'm sure it stores so when it is cloudy, it has plenty. >> has a backup engine just in case. but that is great. coming up in "the mix," java with an extra jolt. listen to this, marijuana coffee. >> we are trying it out this morning. not really. >> i wish.
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